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Around Me by RichAnalysis


RichAnalysis is developing the only local search engine in commute time for searching places to go and things to do in less than 15min/30min/1h from where we are right now.

Our technology integrates walk, bike, car and public transportation information in 500 cities all over the world to allow developers to create intuitive apps of “I want to see something in X minutes ».

To figure out how accurate it is, the demo app lets you choose a place, a time limit, and a mean of transportation, and it lights up all the places on the map you could get to in that time limit.


For mobile & web
The AroundMe API can be used for any apps who hold location information: property sites, jobs search, local guide, hotels finder, entertainment listings, mobile to store apps, etc.

For internal use
The API can equally be used by those needing travel time information for internal purposes, such as city planners, public services and businesses with multiple branches.

AroundMe works from any location in US, Europe and Russia.

Cover all mode of transport
We have data on car traffic, bike paths, walking areas, buses, trains, trams, subways schedule.

Cost effective
We offer a scalable price model that fits everyone’s needs, from personal mobile apps to top web sites.

Powered by OpenStreetMap
An active community of 1 million of dedicated OpenStreetMap mappers keeps our data up to date and accurate.


Whether you’re an expert developer or a beginner, integrating AroundMe into your web or mobile application is easy. We offer a simple REST API and in open formats like JSON and KML for sorting local information by time proximity.

Browser support
We offer full browser support, including modern desktop browsers like Chrome, Safari and Firefox, mobile browsers from Android and Apple, and Internet Explorer 8 – 10.

Mobile ready
Native iPhone, iPad, and Android apps integrate easily and securely with your AroundMe instance.

White label
AroundMe is fully branded to your apps and website’s look and feel.

Get started quick with comprehensive documentation, example projects and code.



AroundMe is edited by RichAnalysis a big data innovation firm focused on urban mobility for mobile and local services.
Since 2007, the French start-up mixes mathematics, technology and design for turning the data-revolution into useful product.
RichAnalysis is also well known for its ‘Not Just for Profit’ philosophy.


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